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I had a dream the other day, a dream of being imprisoned. I don’t know why, only that it was unjust (perhaps for being a Christian) and that I could do nothing about it. And I felt a wave of soul deep sadness over the loss of petting my animals, being in charge of my own day, walking freely in the sunshine, watching the trees in the changes of season, soaking in my hot tub, helping my parents, talking with my husband.

Just recalling the dream brings a heart wrenching feeling of dread. The dream certainly highlighted the values I hold dear and I began to look at how I was spending my time and energy. Am I filling up my day with those things I’d miss most if they weren’t there anymore? Instead of “fitting” the things I value into a busy schedule, am I making a priority of those things which give joy to my soul?

After the dream I found myself sitting on the floor and petting the dogs, taking time to give attention to each of the barn cats, slowing down while brushing my horse and giving her more treats. It’s just really simple little stuff but it’s what matters to me, really deep down, it matters to my inner most being.

What means the most to your heart? What would create a deep sense of loss if YOU were put in prison?

Sometimes we put ourself in prison, sometimes life is hard and hurts so much we put a wall up around our heart in order to protect it from hurt. But walls not only protect us from hurt, they prevent the joy of good things coming in too. I’ve worked with some of you and helped to release the emotions trapped around the heart. I will be doing that again this Thursday at 7:30pm eastern time on a half hour or so teleconference.

This is a self-care stress management group for women and you’re welcome to join in but you do have to pre-register. I won’t waste your time, the focus of the group is both therapy and therapeutic, we’ll facilitate the removal of old negative emotional energy using the Emotion Code, and I’ll suggest some personal tools you can use on your own to manage stress, along with the reasons of why they work from a neuro-biological perspective.

If you can call in live on Thursday, please join us! In the meantime, ask yourself if you are giving mindful time to those things that have soul-deep meaning in your life. If not, why not start now!

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