snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree

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Four inches of snow fell last night. Everything is cleanly coated in white. The weeds, the branches, the ground, all renewed with gleaming crystals glimmering in the sunlight this morning. 

But I can’t see it. Well, I can “see” it but my heart isn’t filled with joy from the beauty surrounding me. Why? Because my husband was moody this morning, grumbling about this, complaining about that. So draining.

I feel my gut clenching, I hate that feeling. I hate missing out on a beautiful day. I hate feeling pulled down.

But I have a toolbox filled with tools to handle things just like this. What do I want? I want to enjoy the morning. How can I de-stress? I can focus on my breathing, I can find those tense muscles and allow them to let go, I can release expectations on my husband and simply love him.

The clenching in my gut is gone and my heart expands. The beauty of this day slowly fills me with awe. I can feel my gut wanting to clench again, I go through the breathing, releasing muscle tension, letting go of expectations, expanding my heart and I find joy again.

It’s an exercise I repeat several times before my body totally lets it go. My husband apologizes for his morning mood. I’m glad he can “own” what is his and find his peace again. I didn’t add or take away from his drama, it was his to come to terms with. I just found my own joy and sent out love.

Centered and mindful, I continue the day. It’s just beautiful.

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