Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. I haven’t had a mammogram in 2 1/2 years, it was time. I went last week and received a call a day later to come in for another test … there was a “mass” detected that they needed to evaluate.

Talk about a flood of fear and stress hormones! The “what if’s” overwhelmed my thoughts and I immediately began to grieve. Yikes! There wasn’t even any diagnosis and my body was fearing for it’s life already.

I had to get a grip. The first thing I did was reach out to the menopause group I just recently joined. It was filled with hundreds of caring women my age who are all going through similar symptoms and a doctor who specializes in women’s issues. The love and support poured from these people I barely knew.

The next thing I did was to keep living. I did everything I normally do except I noticed I was hyper-aware of the beauty and preciousness of all the routine things that usually pass by unnoticed. I was kinder while driving, I talked in grocery checkout instead of rushing through, I paid attention and my mind didn’t wander in church. There was such peace in that presence of mindfulness.

I began to use all the tools in my arsenal for health:

  • Putting frankincense essential oil and black seed oil on my breast daily.
  • Tapping out the fear (emotional freedom technique).
  • Asking for special blessings through the church and lighting a candle. I was even blessed by the Bishop with a relic of St. John Paul II.
  • Making sure I got 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Taking 10,000mg of Vitamin C and zeolites each day.
  • Resting on my amethyst heated massage pad and soaking up the healing infrared rays.
  • Practicing the Eden Energy Medicine daily routine to keep the healing meridians open and flowing in the correct direction.

It was actually a very proactive and peaceful week mixed in with only brief breakthrough moments of terror.

I had my re-test yesterday. A 3D mammogram and ultrasound. I was shown the pictures and they were looking at something so small it wouldn’t be detectible on a self-breast exam – 7mm long and quite narrow. Why they hadn’t told me the size before, I have no idea, because I was imagining a huge lump. Anyway, it turned out to be a normal breast changing with age. Relief flooded in and I called my husband. (I think his blood pressure suddenly dropped into the normal range, he had been worried.)

I usually try to blog on Mondays but this was an unusual week. I’m not making excuses, I just had to let the blog go for a few days while I focused on self-care and absorbing all that was going on. I was in the exam waiting room with several other women who were also in there for their second exam due to a mass. I pray they have the healing support they need and end up free of cancer.

It’s breast cancer awareness month. Have you had your exam lately?

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