What you missed …

Have you ever experienced an energy clearing?

Last Thursday I offered a free session clearing emotional baggage around weight. 99% of problems can be traced back to emotions.

Emotions have energy in the body. How do I know that? Einstein taught me. Energy is E=MC2. The M (matter, mass) of emotions is the neuropeptide unique to each emotion. The C (speed of light constant) is a wavelength and frequency. Put those two together and you have energy.

Neuropeptides are like little keys that fit into the unique individual keyholes found on the cells that make up your body. Muscle cells, intestinal cells, heart cells, liver cells. There are millions of receptor sites on each cell.

When the little keys fit in the the keyholes on the cells they create a tiny electromagnetic charge. Emotions are meant to provide some type of information that you are meant to act on … mostly to keep you away from danger … and then the emotion has done it’s job.

But, if you are highly stressed, are ill, or are medicated, then sometimes the emotional information doesn’t get through and the neuropeptide of that emotional key gets stuck in the cell receptor’s keyhole. This is called a trapped emotion.

Trapped emotions have electromagnetic energy that can cause disruptions to the cell it’s attached to and the surrounding cells. Trapped emotions can be a source of pain and dysfunction in muscles, organs, or other tissues. And trapped emotions can be a source of weight problems.

The first set of trapped emotions we released were around bravely facing the number on the scale. To get rid of denial or avoidance. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Nervousness
  • Overwhelm
  • And an inherited emotion from our father of Love Unreceived

The second set of trapped emotions that were released had to do with our earliest experiences around food and nurturing as an infant. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lust for food
  • Betrayal
  • Anxiety

The third set of trapped emotions that were released were around the theme of using food as a means of getting comfort, love, and support. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lost
  • Forlorn
  • Depression
  • Abandonment

The next set of trapped emotions we explored were around using food to cope with hurt feelings. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Taken for granted
  • Disgust
  • Blaming
  • Anger
  • Helplessness
  • Love Unreceived

And the last set of trapped emotions we released were around using weight as a protective insulation from others. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lust
  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • And an inherited emotion from our mother of Shock

Trapped emotions around weight loss can delve into hormones, false beliefs such as not deserving to be thin, family genetics of obesity, exercise, dieting, junk food, specific cravings, stress, willpower and more. We were only able to touch the surface of some common trapped emotions in the group energy clearing.

If you want to learn more about the Emotion Code energy clearing process (or to sign up for a personal energy clearing session around weight) check out the Q & A HERE.

Most of the people I work with that have weight issues have tried a lot of things to get to their ideal weight. Having trapped emotions around weight issues is like driving with your foot on the brake and the gas. You try hard to get somewhere but you’re being blocked and it’s not for lack of effort. Releasing trapped emotions gets that foot off the brake and the result is that you don’t have to push on the gas very hard to get somewhere.

Releasing trapped emotions makes all your other efforts easier. But you still do need to take other measures; energy work is not done in isolation from practical work. The practical tips I’ve found that help include:

  1. Drink water first, sometimes you’re simply hungry for hydration
  2. CHEW CHEW CHEW – your stomach doesn’t have teeth and digestion starts in the mouth
  3. The first 2 bites of a certain food give your tastebuds the flavor they are craving, try smaller two bite portions and really attend to and savor the flavor, be mindful of what you are eating
  4. Eat slowly, give your body a chance to register fullness (and that assumes you are tuning into the sensation of what full feels like to you)
  5. Eat until you are 80% full and then stop
  6. If you really need that stuffed feeling, then go for something savory like a whole bag of riced cauliflower heated and then mixed with 2 chunks of laughing cow cheese wedges, a dash of lemon juice and flavored with garlic and sea salt and cracked pepper (a super sized stomach filling dish for under 150 calories) OR if you need sweet, then cut up a huge bowl of watermelon and dig in (need more ideas like this, look up ‘Hungry Girl’ recipes on the web)
  7. Try to get 25 grams of fiber per day
  8. Fast for 12 – 15 hours each day, give your digestive system a break (I try to stop eating around 7pm and then have breakfast around 8 or 9)

The last Thursday in August I will be holding another Energy Emotion Code Clearing group call. The topic is coping with change … kids go back to school and that’s change, there are changes in routine, but some people are dealing with changes in relationships, or work, or changes in finances, or the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a beloved pet. In August we’ll release negative trapped emotions around change to help build resilience and flexibility. All leading to a happier, healthier, and less stressed you! Save your space and join in HERE!

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