Weight. What do I want?

I want to feel comfortable riding my horse and not worry about hurting his back.

I want to look in the mirror and smile at my lean muscle.

I want to put on a size 8 and have it fit loose.

I want a size large to be large instead of having to get a 2x-large.

I want a normal body mass index.

I want to be able to cross my legs easily.

I want to wear a tank top and not worry about my arms looking fat.

I want to look and feel sexy for my hubby.

I want to lose weight to help my blood pressure come down.

I want to get to my ideal weight without feeling like it’s torture.

I want to feel healthy and strong.

If you’re carrying excess weight, you probably identify with some of these. What is your weight story? What do you want?

I have stress. Stress creates weight gain. I recognize my cravings and I do have emotional binges at times. Eating feels good, it’s an emotional pick up, but emotional eating creates weight gain. Subconsciously, being a highly sensitive person, I have put on weight as a sort of protective barrier to the busy-ness of the world.

This Thursday I’m offering a group call-in energy healing focusing on removing subconscious emotional blocks to weight loss. I hope to benefit as much as those who listen in so I’m offering this session for FREE to all who want to attend. Click Here for more info and I hope to “see” you in a few days!

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