I enjoy being in nature, particularly with my dog.

Ten years ago I was running two miles (and more) a day.  I was lean and I felt strong.

In the fall of 2012 I stopped running and went back to walking. Instead of feeling good after running, I felt sore and achy; my body felt twisted and out of alignment.

It’s a good thing I didn’t push through, my body was compromised and I was using a lot of compensatory movements. What does that mean? Experiment and put on a splint that immobilizes your wrist and notice how you type on the computer, get dressed, and drive your car … all those strange positions you use to work around your wrist splint are compensatory movements … you’re compensating around a stiff spot.

Six years ago I had a lot of different stiff spots in my body … my body was splinting itself in order to allow me to continue getting into the positions my work in hippotherapy required. In the spring of 2013, my body simply broke down into a chronic pain syndrome.

It wasn’t running that I needed to stop, it was an issue in my job that was the cause and I was either blind to it or ignored it (I’m not sure I’ve really decided which it was). But I’m glad I stopped running before I ended up with a lifelong injury.

Fast forward to 2018. I’ve spent five years healing … I changed my job, I started using essential oils, I live a detoxing lifestyle, and I get bodywork almost weekly. I’m in my 50’s and I can’t afford not to invest in my future health … the time’s ‘running’ out to get things turned around so I can age gracefully.

Guess what! It’s starting to pay off. Five years is not overnight … it doesn’t fit in the medical model of prescribe and surgically remove … and the money to do it came out of my own pocket, but it’s working! I’ve started running again! For the past two months, in addition to walking the two miles a day, I’ve added running for a half mile.

My dog loves it. My body feels strong when I do it. Well, to be honest, the first week I ran it felt like my legs were heavy cement, but now I feel a rhythm. A slow one, but a good rhythm none the less. And I feel such a sense of satisfaction. I’m running again! It worked. I’m really back to running again!

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