Taking Stock: The Old Years Resolutions and your New Years Resolutions

What were your resolutions for 2017?

Did you meet them?

Was it easy or hard?

Lost any weight? Organized the garage? Cleaned the basement? Started exercising more? Read any of those books on your list? Eating better? Taking that class you were interested in? Spent more time with ________________________ (family, friends, pet)? Saved money? Gotten the job of your dreams?

Once upon a time there was a person who dreamed of being a successful writer. She wrote the first two chapters of a novel and summited them to a publisher. A few weeks later the publisher called her into the office and excitedly raved about her work, offering a $50,000 advance for the book. This person was shocked and elated. But later in the week when they sat down to write, nothing was there … no creativity … no words … no ideas. Writers block set in and didn’t go away. She lost the book contract and had to take a regular office job she hated. What happened? Subconscious energetic blocks … I’m a fraud, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I’ll never get this done, my writing isn’t worth $50,000, I’m going to fail so why even start, etc. If those scripts are running in the background is it any wonder why writer’s block creeped in? Writer’s block was the “savior” to save face. Right? NO!

Those negative thoughts are hidden in all of our subconscious minds. They are energetic blocks that make it hard for us to achieve our dreams and resolutions. I’ll be holding an energy clearing to help remove energetic blocks later this month. It’s only a $10 investment to help you on your way to an easy and successful New Year!


For my christian friends and those who aren’t familiar with energy healing, please review the table below. Energy work is drawn from the scientific fields of physics, epigenetics, evolutionary biology on the stress response, cell biology, neurophysiology, electromagnetism, psychoneuroimmunology, endocrinology, memory reconsolidation & extinction, and quantum mechanics. Energy healing is different than spiritual healing.

Energy and Spirit Grid

Join me December 28, 2017 to learn more!


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