Busy Week

I got a lot of business done last week at work, 72 hours. It was satisfying. But I needed a get-a-way. My husband and I were planning to spend a couple of days upnorth.

Upnorth is a Michigan term. Many people from the southern counties have cottages in the upper counties. There has been a cottage in my family since the 60’s.

At the last minute a horse came up lame and required care. My husband had to stay home. So I ventured upnorth by myself with an armload of books … science fiction, fantasy, romance.


I arrived in the early morning  after a 4-hour drive and promptly unloaded the books, grabbed some chips and pop (AKA soda to non-Michiganders), and sat down with a satisfying plunk. Three hours later, I needed to stretch and walk.

The cabin is on a 2-track lane and there are black bears in the vicinity. I worried a little bit and didn’t walk too far away. Who would I call for help? Nobody was around. I walked back and decided to take a nap.

That felt good. Got up and started reading again. Finished one book and the temperature was starting to fall. It would be below freezing tonight. There is no running water and you have to use an outhouse (the little yellow building behind the cabin). The toilet seat was COLD!

A truck went by with young boys, I’m in such a secluded area and have no weapons. I thought of the bears, what if one was by the outhouse in the night? My imagination began to form it’s own novel, a frightening one with all the “what if’s.”

Fear got the best of me and in cowardice, I packed up and went home to safety. Yes, I did get in some reading and relaxation but I’m just not as independent or hardy as I like to think of myself. And that disappoints me in a way, but another part of me says to just allow it to be information and stop the self recriminating judgement.

It’s OK. I can always try again another day. Besides, it WAS something different, a weekend break, a get-a-way from a busy week. And for all of who do travel alone and do it confidently and can “rough it out” in remote areas … you have my utmost respect!

One thought on “Busy Week

  1. Taking the dog would probably help. And maybe bear spray for bears and men? Nice to get a chance to take the break.

    I was very lucky that the cabin I used to hang out in was owned by an electrician. So there was a heat lamp in the outhouse. The height of luxury. You turned on lights and heat just before you walked out to it.

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