I took one of those online quizzes and found out I have a CREATOR archetype.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.43.13 AM

In case you aren’t familiar, an archetype is like a pattern or symbol that represents a person’s personality. One of the attributes of God is creation and God has given me the gifts to share in that part. Another of God’s attributes is Mercy, another Justice, and so on … other people share in those gifts.

I chuckled when I was baking a cake the other day. A ‘creator’ doesn’t follow a recipe … it’s like a recipe is only a suggestion. Yes, I improvised but with good substitutions … applesauce instead of oil, 1 whole egg and egg whites instead of 3 eggs. And yes, the cake was not only delicious, it was healthy too.

Being a creator is also probably one of the reasons I don’t walk the flow of the rest of the world. I tend to create my own paths for others to follow. But I don’t walk blindly. I study the terrain, review the risks, and consider the wisdom from others. One of the new directions I going in my professional life is towards energy medicine.

Einstein’s wisdom helps to understand this seemingly esoteric field of study. E=MC2. E is energy, M is mass and C2 is the speed of light squared. The equation is telling us what energy is … it’s both a particle (mass) and a wave length (light speed). That’s not so esoteric is it. A particle is some type of matter. And the electromagnetic spectrum gives us a broad look at wavelengths where certain wavelengths equate to sound, other wavelengths give us colors, and yet other wavelengths give us microwaves. It’s physics.

I use quantum physics to help me understand energy medicine. Regular physics to understand electromagnetic energy. Chemistry to help me understand essential oils. Chaos physics to understand what happens with the body’s reprocessing and the healing crisis. And anatomy and physiology to understand pain relief bodywork and how the fascia in the body works. I’ve loved science since grade school. It was my best subject.

And now I’m applying all of that to a new creation … a wholistic healing process to help support others in health of both people and animals. My latest creation is an upcoming class on releasing old emotions. And I invite you to check it out!

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