Detox Month Nine

Hunt 2017 09 02 SallyS

September is a beautiful month for riding. I’m on the right with my bay gelding Jimmy. I was contemplating how much joy I feel in life … with friends and horses and sunshine dappling a 60 degree day. Life is good.

But I’ve found that even when it’s good and you do everything right bad things can happen. I know of someone who has done everything “right” … eats organic, lives a good life, has a relationship with God, has social supports, lives in a comfortable house. Why would someone like this, someone who follows the detox plan laid out the previous eight months, why would she get cancer?

It’s a conundrum.

And I have to wonder if it’s not possibly due to the toxic problems of stressful emotions. Emotions are an energy with a physical component in the body. The physical component is the neuropeptide chemistry that attaches to cell receptor sites in the body. The energetic components are the electromagnetic bonds of the emotions. Most people innately know about the energy part … you can literally feel when someone is angry, you can sense when someone is down, and you get a boost from the “up” energy of a happy person. These different emotions radiate from the body.

It’s as important to detox stressful emotions as it is to avoid aluminum in antiperspirant. But how? It’s both simple and hard. Don’t avoid the emotions. Fully accept them as information about a situation and fully feel them when you are experiencing them. That’s it. But problems come when you 1) stuff emotions or 2) label them as dumb or bad and deny them or 3) disassociate from them or 4) experience a situation that’s so overwhelming you can’t possibly safely feel all the emotions … then that’s when emotional energy gets trapped in the body.

The energy of trapped emotions is as toxic as heavy metal poisoning and can affect your health, pain, and even your immune system. If you think you have old trapped emotions, the Emotion Code is a book that teaches a process of self-release. I’m also certified in the Emotion Code and can help you release toxic trapped emotions.

This month, focus on facing emotions and fully feeling the good, the bad, and the ugly. Begin adding in the practice of emotional detoxing. You may find it to be the most liberating detox you’ve ever done!


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