Messages in Dreams

My Wall

I made a quick sketch of a dream I had last night.

There is a huge plow shaped wall 20-30 stories high. It is so high and so daunting and difficult to climb that many people just stand at the bottom looking up to the top, yearning to reach it and a small number try to climb the wall. They aren’t always successful and the fall is treacherous. I feel compelled to climb the wall and know, to survive, I MUST make it to the top. There is a fence at the top of the wall and there are a few people walking around at the top appearing very carefree. I am on the left and have about 20 feet more to climb but I am exhausted and there is no further way up. Somehow I have binder twine (used on hay bales) and I tie pieces together and form a loop around myself, I think I have enough energy to throw it up but I would need someone up there to catch it and help to pull me up. I yell for “help.” An older lady looks over the top and nods and then disappears. I’m downcast and feel hope draining away. As my head hangs I notice the older lady at the bottom of the wall looking up at me. She had just come out of buildings at the bottom of the wall. The door behind her was closing and I yelled for her to catch the door and save herself. I hurried down to try and prevent the door from closing but was too late. I despaired for her and myself. Now we were both trapped down at the bottom. But the lady simply walked to the door and opened it and held it for me. I was dumbfounded. I followed her a short distance, an easy walk and we were suddenly at the top looking down at the others. I was free. There was another path to the top but I only knew the difficult path, the easy path had to be pointed out to me.

Then I awoke.

Slightly foggy.

Slightly amazed.

The message?

I’m not experienced at analyzing dreams but it seems like I’ve been in an unnecessary struggle and that’s about to change. An easier way is right there, it’s behind me in a place that doesn’t seem like a possible solution. Whatever ends up becoming of this, and I do believe dreams have deep meaning, I’ll be sure and share the easy path with you!


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