Fear and Stress

What are you doing September 21, 2017 in the evening?

On that Thursday I’ll be teaching a class on how to live life with the confidence and freedom to face fear. You know the fears that need to be faced … those that sabotage your dreams, your happiness, your peace. I have a number of research based strategies to share with you plus you’ll learn the basic physiology of fear … what happens in your body when you experience a stressful situation that your body perceives as a threat to your safety.

I’ve found that sometimes people need more than information and tools they can use for themselves, sometimes they need their own fear releasing session … and for the first time I’ll be offering that during a teleclass; I’ll include a distance healing session to help remove trapped fear from your body.

Whenever I commit to teaching a class, my mind goes into overtime exploring new ideas. And I’ve had some new insights into fear. Imagine a situation coming up in your future (maybe it’s a singing recital or a riding lesson or whatever) something that you perceive with an overlying anxiousness or fear and that you can’t back out of it even though perhaps you’d like to. You’re worried about performance, safety, success, whether you’ll be perceived as a fraud, if you’re good enough, or even if you’re worthy to do whatever it is you are doing. These are some of potential “costs” of stress based fear …

  1. The fearful thoughts are in your mind, taking up tons of your time and the thoughts bleed over into your other activities.
  2. Or, you escape stressful emotions by going inward into daydreams or diving into other unrelated thoughts as a way of “avoiding” the fear.
  3. Or, maybe you continue to push through your time, like a tired plow horse, simply going through the motions of life without joy.
  4. And/or perhaps your mind tries to escape like a bird flitting around and barely registers attention to any one thing for any length of time.

The costs of fear can impact your time, your ability to be fully present in the moment, your joy, and your attention span. And the costs of fear and stress are much greater on the body … the immune system, blood pressure, fatigue, and so much more … and that’s exactly what the class in September will be helping you with. Join me if you can. And let me know (in the comments below) the ways fear and stress affect you and what you do about it … we can all support each other as we face our fear!

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