Dents and Tears

The sun was just right in the morning to capture nature photos. I’m drawn to the different shapes, colors and textures of the flowers in bloom. They were beautiful. I came back in the house and noticed some other shapes and textures that weren’t so beautiful. I  moved some furniture a couple of years ago and the dent in the carpet from the bookcase has never recovered. And in the laundry room during a deep cleaning session, I pulled the washer out to sweep and accidentally tore the linoleum.

It occurred to me that emotional and physical trauma in the body can bear scars of dents and tears too. A heavy burden has left it’s mark and a person may never be the same afterwards … an accident created an injury that holds chronic aches and even disfigurement.

But I still live in my house (the brick and mortar structure and the bones and muscles structure). I found it’s difficult to notice those annoying dents and tears when the focus is on natures beauty surrounding me. Someday I may get new flooring for the house and I still have hope and am constantly searching for new therapeutic applications that give my body a “facelift” too. In the meantime, I live with dents and tears but focus with gratitude on something else, something beautiful.  I’m learning I can be imperfect AND be happy too!


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