Commitment to Giving Back

Nathaniel 4

I first started volunteering in a therapeutic riding program in 1985. Every part of it enamored me. I advanced from side-walking to leading to fundraising to being on the Board of Directors to becoming a certified Instructor to starting my own program to making this type of work my life business.

I’ve retired from the business side but I still have a commitment to giving back to the community and these special families. I’m not running a program or sitting on a Board anymore, it’s come full circle and I’m simply volunteering again. Each Saturday for six weeks this summer, I take my horse to an arena down the road and offer the joy of horseback riding to kids with disabilities.

I came close to throwing in the towel with everything related to horse therapy in 2013 … I was burnt out and I was in pain. But I didn’t … I meditated on the challenges these special kids go through on a daily basis and I was humbled when comparing to my own minor misfortunes. I kept a commitment to giving back and today I have no regrets. This year it doesn’t feel like a chore … I’m feeling the spark of peace and joy come back just like when I first began.

Yes, it really has been a journey coming full circle and I’m grateful to have held on for the ride!


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