In the Garden

Flat of Flowers

I’ve been in my garden. Dirt under the fingernails. A flat of flowers ready and waiting. Patio pot is planted. Temps were 90 last week and 50 this week. It’s May. The perennials are blooming nicely now. The annuals in the flat will debut their show in the heat of the summer.


Gardening brings meditation time. I thought about pressure. Mental, emotional, physical … it doesn’t matter … fear and pain are companions of being under pressure. The situation causing the pressure … giving a talk, saying no, exercising, may be different but do you avoid pressure, procrastinate, run away from it, get irritable? Or do you stick it out, giving yourself an opportunity to grow? I’ve thought about my response … I’m an avoider … and when I know I really need to step up, I do on the outside but on the inside, I avoid. I have a place inside of me that I can hide out, which means I miss out of being fully present and fully growing from whatever the pressure causing situation is. But I’m working on that … working on being congruent inside and out.

As the hoeing continues (there’s a lot of weeds in the garden), I think back and realize my jaw is no longer aching daily. I had dental work the beginning of April and that triggered a mild flare of the trigeminal neuralgia that lasted 6 weeks. It’s nice to go through a day with only the normal aches and not the throb of chronic pain.

Thoughts have run their course, now it’s simply time to feel the breeze, notice the texture of the earth, hum a tune, breathe in the spring garden … a moment to just be.


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