Burning Off The Fog

Early spring sunrise on a foggy day. Photos in time lapse sequence.


The sunrise photo sequence represents about an hour of time, from roughly 7am to 8am eastern time. I live in a valley of a large forest and the sun rises over a horse pasture. It had rained the day before and the morning was foggy. Surrounded by nature is a peaceful place to spend time and contemplate life. But I haven’t always felt peace, stress can rob that feeling. And no one is immune to stress.

Have you ever noticed that stress seems to get worse when you think things “should” be different than they are? It’s like putting a burden on yourself as if you could control the whole world and the destiny of everything around you. We do not have that type of control … we cannot control weather, we cannot control the actions of others, we cannot control accidental events. But we aren’t helpless either. We can prepare, we can control our own actions and reactions, and we can be flexible with alternatives when things don’t turn out as planned.

When I feel stress, I remind myself that everything is as it should be, I am flexible with alternatives, and this too shall pass. Time does move on, the sun does rise, and it burns off the fog; I choose to let go of stress, breathe, and appreciate the beauty and flow of life.


When the fog clears, it’s easier to do some deeper soul searching. I discovered most of my stress comes from not feeling good enough. I’ve tried to ease that feeling of not being enough by consuming things in an attempt to fill that area to enoughness. It’s called a consumer attitude … using food, activities, buying things, etc. to get enough, to be enough, to fill me up. But I’ve noticed those things never fill me up. And I’ve noticed that I feel “full” when I do things for other people in need, when I stop and appreciate nature, when I’m thankful for all the talents and gifts I’ve been given. Gratefulness equals a great fullness. The secret is that ful’fill’ment comes from inside you and not from outside things.

What a beautiful sunrise, burning off the fog.

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