The Power Of Change

We had to set our clocks forward yesterday with the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. The time change can have adverse health effects: Research shows an increase in both strokes and heart attacks having something to do with resetting our circadian rhythm. Usually I too miss that extra hour that magically disappears. But not this year, time just seemed to flow. What was different? The previous four days were without electrical power due to a severe wind storm. The absence of clocks for several days plus the serious disruption in routine made the time change insignificant. I found that curiously interesting, a type of shift in perspective.

Metro airport reported wind gusts over 60mph. With the early thaw that equated to several trees being uprooted and multiple dead branches (large and small) being tossed around. Our road was blocked for a full day and the power lines were down. We had to hunker in. Little did we know or could know the threat we had to prepare for  …


There are animals that need water, so we do have a farm generator. The generator was plugged in and the electrical panel powered on but something was wrong … some lights flickered brown while other lights popped in their sockets. The microwave began to smell funny and a fire sprouted up from behind the couch. The power was shut down and a surge protector that had caught fire was thrown outside. It happened in only an instant. The couch is leather, so it was only scorched but the melting carpeting had to be stamped out and the drywall was indented with the burn. You can not imagine the feeling of panic that fills you after you realize that you were seconds away from a house fire with roads blocked from downed trees.

An electrician was called out, found his way around the obstacle course on the roads, and diagnosed the problem … the generator had gone bad (I didn’t know that could happen) and was putting out 80 volts on one side of the electrical panel (the brown out scenario) and was putting out 160 volts on the other side (overloading the other half of the panel and causing electronics to smolder). A new generator solved the problem. But we now needed to replace a microwave, amish fireplace, hand vacuum, light bulbs, surge strips, wireless outlets, etc. Thankfully computers, printers and large appliances were fine.

All of nature is resilient to change. I noticed green on a walk I took while the house was airing out from the smoke. A little bush was sprouting. But today it was 10 degrees and freezing cold. I knew the roots of that plant were still strong and the little bush would live to bud out again. My head cleared, I took a breath in and began to plan what needed to happen next.


The hot tub stopped working. It was taken apart and my husband discovered a fuse that needed to be replaced. I could now turn it on to circulate the pumps morning and evening but somehow the heat needed to be conserved. The picture above is a result of using what we could to accomplish that goal. It worked but it wasn’t pretty … lol.

I began to diffuse White Fir essential oil in the house. White Fir has a fresh pine aroma and a chemistry of b-Pinene and Camphene which are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and mucolytic. It also has Bornyl Acetate which is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative and b-Phellandrene which is anti-fungal. White Fir should help support our respiratory system from smoke inhalation and fumes and also provide some much needed calming.

Next we gathered 5 gallon buckets from the barn and filled them with water to flush toilets and for washing. I took a sponge bath with cold water … exhilarating in an uncomfortable and not so pleasant way. And next we started to clear trees from the road.

And I took a walk, noted all there was to be thankful for and began to count my blessings …

Power has been restored and I survived a pretty exciting week. As a result, the change to daylight savings time yesterday was only a VERY small blip on the radar with no increase in blood pressure or heart rate. Big changes (like almost having my house burn down and the extended power outage) dealt with and adapted to, small changes like Daylight Savings Time, trivial. Illumination of a new perspective, almost like an inoculation from worry. Not so much stress to crush a person, but enough to challenge them to find inner resources. And that I discovered, is the amazing power of change.

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