Forest For The Trees


You know the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well, I confess, that can be me. I’m a detail oriented person and it takes effort for me to step back and refocus on the bigger picture.

I was recently arguing politics on Facebook and it wasn’t making a tit of a difference. No one would budge an inch on expanding their thoughts and as much as I then wanted to spank them out of their tantrum and drama, I realized these are my adult friends and the bigger picture is that they are good people living their lives the best they can. So I just dropped away and stopped adding to these discussions.

There’s a bigger picture in my life too, totally unrelated to the politics of the day in the freedom America provides. I have a fantastic marriage, a loving family, parents I visit each week, faith in God, a simple but beautiful place to live surrounded by nature, horses, and a business I’ve designed to fulfill my spirit and fulfill the spirits of those I serve.

And health … this blog started with my chronic pain diagnosis and journey. I’ve noticed the details of the pain and have been using natural recourses (detox, bodywork, essential oils, supplements) to try and heal. But I almost failed to notice when I stopped feeling much pain. This past month has been nearly pain free. It’s strange when you notice pain is there but not the fading absence of it. At least it’s strange for me.

I haven’t felt like the normal me the past 5 years and now I’m starting to feel normal again. Truly, I despaired of it ever happening since it has been a long journey. But I believed in the axiom that the body can heal itself given the chance … so I never gave up and trudged onward. Now the big picture is coming more clearly into focus.  I can see the forest for the trees and it’s wonderful. Life is good.

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