Happy New Year


If the rest of 2017 is anything like yesterday (January 1, 2017), then it will be a very good year.

Why? Because New Year’s Day was …



Filled with horses, dogs, nature, a few friends, walking and praying, movies, books, and simple good food.

When a gun went off, I hardly noticed and then I thought what a gift that is. To not be traumatized by that sound and even to feel peace, knowing you’re not under attack when a gun goes off … how many areas of the country or world is that true? How many people fear for their lives? Life is good when you don’t have to fear for your life.

Money, parties, or shopping did not make yesterday good. It was the simple things in life that made it so nice. It was peace … a peace so real that a little bird landed inches from me and then looked surprised that I was there and a moment later a red squirrel played only a couple of feet away. I watched both in amusement while sitting in stillness.

Yes, if 2017 is a year intermingling peace, relaxation, flow, and stillness then it will be a very good year indeed.

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