One Simple Switch

Have you heard of the word “toxic load?” A toxic load in the human body is the combination of multiple different substances adding up to decreased immune functioning.

Breathing in synthetic cancer causing fragrance, drinking out of plastic water bottles, using body care products and cosmetics that contain heavy metals and endocrine disruptors … if you only have brief exposures to one or two of these things every so often, no big deal, you’re immune system deals with it. BUT if you overwhelm your body daily for example with plug in air fresheners, a car freshener, bathroom spray, scented candles, fragrant shampoos, etc. etc. etc. … you can see the sheer overwhelm on your body … and that’s just with synthetic scent (associated with asthma, allergy and cancer) … there’s so many other problems with petroleum’s and phthalates and pesticides and pollution.

I’ve been working hard on trying to simply a detox lifestyle and found it’s easiest to make lasting health changes if I only do one thing at a time. So in January, I’ll focus on the first simple switch to try … deodorant.

Regular antiperspirants may contain triclosan (thyroid problems), formaldehyde (cancer), and aluminum (toxicity includes memory problems, confusion, headaches, muscular conditions, GI gas, etc.).

Plus, perspiration plays a healthy role in ridding the body of toxins. You don’t want an antiperspirant. You do want stress management techniques to prevent sweaty armpits (planning ahead, time management, breath control, assertiveness) and you do want a natural deodorant to prevent any embarrassing odor.

One Simple Switch – ditch your regular antiperspirant and try a natural deodorant. You’ll give your body a chance to detox from the endocrine disruptors and toxic metals. If you buy a natural deodorant with essential oils, double the prize … you’re not only decreasing side effects, you’re also proactively boosting your health benefits with whatever essential oil is in the deodorant (lavender for calming, bergamot for relaxation, orange for energy, melaleuca for immune boosting, peppermint for pain, etc.).

The crystal type of deodorants just do not work, so I recommend skipping them. But I’ve personally tested Schmidt’s and doTerra natural deodorants, which can be purchased online. Here’s a link to a Good Housekeeping article on the Best Natural Deodorants.

This Christmas I was wearing Schmidt’s Deodorant in the Ylang Ylang and Calendula scent and my sister-in-law pulled me aside and asked what perfume I was wearing. I don’t wear perfume and told her so, but she insisted that I smelled great and wanted to know what it was … she even smelled my hair. I chuckled and said it was probably my deodorant and she actually smelled my arm and said, “yep, that’s it, write it down so I can get some!”

Commit to trying some simple switches this year to lower your toxic load. You’ll be surprised what happens when you decrease chronic inflammation in your body … more energy, less pain, a boost in emotions, and a decrease in colds and flues. You’re worth it! It’s a simple switch, try it and take charge of your own health. Build your resilience in 2017 by making one simple switch each month.


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