Christmas Letter


I have a diary of sorts that’s made up of the letters I wrote and placed in cards from each christmas past. It’s interesting to look at what made the “news” of the year … a new car, travel, a job change, surgeries, and pets.

This is the first year I haven’t sent out christmas cards and thus didn’t write the traditional christmas letter. I didn’t send out cards because it just felt joyless and overwhelming … and I’m working hard to find a flow that allows joy filled moments. Plus most of my family and friends are on Facebook and we touch base often with the goings on in our lives.

So I thought I’d keep the christmas letter tradition in a different way … I’ll share it here with you …

Merry Christmas 2016! This years theme was “declutter” and I allotted a different area every month for cleaning … the basement one month, the garage another, the shed a third, bedrooms, etc. I’ve filled a large dumpster with trash and gave away 12 carloads of “stuff” to Goodwill. Boy does that feel good, so good that I think I’ll do it again this coming year.

We still live in the country on the farm and enjoy our dogs and horses. Hershey (Joe’s bird dog) was so intent on chasing a squirrel that she was dumbfounded when a tree got in the way … she ended up with a broken leg that was in a cast for a few weeks but has healed well.

I finished my hippotherapy book series this summer (Brown Pony Series): Three years of work, eight books, and a huge sense of satisfaction! I’ve sold a thousand copies of the books and have sales worldwide … England, Ireland, Europe, Japan, South Africa and of course America. I’m happy to share 20 years of experience in the horse therapy arena with others wanting to learn more.

Moving on in new directions brings more educational trainings … I’m in the middle of being certified as an aromatherapist. My current work focus is women, particularly horse women, healing stress and pain. This requires a mind and body approach … I already have horse sense, emotion tools, and bodywork therapy skills but sometimes you need a little extra … instead of turning to traditional pain relief medications, I’m training to apply natures plant medicine through the research based application and use of essential oils.

Joe has over 2000 miles riding his bike this year and is still selling firewood as a side hobby. He always needs to be in action and I’m worried he’ll wear out his knee replacement but it’s been 8 hard years and his knee seems to be doing just fine.

I’m spending two days with my parents each week. They are working on simplifying their home so they can “age in place” and I’m doing what I can do to help support that. Since it’s a 2 hour drive to their house, I’m going through several Great Courses topics (music, history, health) and many audio books. If you have any to pass along, let me know and we’ll trade! I’ve been giving mine away when I finish them.

That’s about it, a quick recap of 2016. I’d love to hear from you. What’s happening in your life and what christmas news are you sharing?


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