Physiology Psychology

Usually this blog is written on Mondays, except for emergencies or travel. But it’s Tuesday and I have no excuse except that I’m dragging.

I’m down.

I feel like hibernating.

I tell myself it’s gray outside. You just had a big week with Thanksgiving. Your routine is off. And you have a lot to be grateful about. But I still want to crawl in bed.

My husband was just the opposite the past few days … he was organizing, hyper, and short of temper. He was intensely cussing out the dirt on his boots for making a mess on the floor.

There’s nothing “real” that’s making me feel down … no one died, I didn’t lose my job, my house isn’t in foreclosure. It’s not psychology that’s got me feeling lethargic but rather it’s my “winter” physiology. A case of seasonal affective disorder.

The same is true for my husband … he had nothing in his life to create “rage” … no one was threatening his life, or family, or livelihood. It was his “winter” physiology too. And I reminded him of that. It seemed to help, he calmed down.

Both my and my husbands responses are from various hormones triggering a stress response. My response is more of the parasympathetic freeze response where I just want to shut down and conserve energy. My husbands is more of the sympathetic fight response where he just wants to send his excess energy outward.

It’s helpful to know about stress and have the awareness to put these different feelings in perspective. I didn’t judge myself or my husband. And I’m working out of the freeze response by simplifying the week, making a list of what would be helpful to accomplish and checking those tasks off as they are completed.

Blog … Check.

Now rest a bit and then onto the next item on the list.



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