Moving On


You know how those memories come up on Facebook? One came up for me, reminding me of all that has happened over the past 3 years.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder because I worked in a job I created and loved but one that put my body in awkward positions … I compromised my own self for my work and when my body said “no more” I chose to move on by starting a new chapter in my work life but I also felt compelled to honor the past by writing about it … the first book (pictured above) was completed 9 months after my diagnosis in February of 2013 … 9 months and the birth of a new creation. That seems very fitting. Now 3 years later I have completed the Brown Pony Series plus an additional 2 books on saddle fit and being in integrity with your horse.

I have only one last commitment in the hippotherapy field …. this is the last year of a ten year research project that began in 2006. I just put out the call for respondents to complete the final hippotherapy safety survey:

Ten years of data collection on incidents, injury, risks, and risk management in hippotherapy is coming to a close this year. Can you help make our last year the biggest survey year yet?
The hippotherapy safety survey was designed to be completed by therapists who have offered hippotherapy sessions in 2016. Whether your practice is large or small, your survey participation is valuable.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please share your time and complete the survey today and then forward this information to any therapist friends who also offer hippotherapy!
The 2016 Hippotherapy Safety Survey closes January 5, 2017.

After this research is completed, I will be fully ready to move on to new adventures. Adventures that I’ve already been preparing for … teaching others about horses and holistic natural health. Moving on hasn’t been an overnight thing, rather it has been a slow journey but the slowness has allowed for reflection, healing and closure … and I needed that. I think we all need time for reflection, healing and closure no matter what the life change or loss is … but we often don’t allow ourselves to take that time.

It’s taken me three years and I still feel a slight pang deep inside and residual physical pain outside but I’m moving on.

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