Light in the Darkness


The full moon October 16th was bright and beautiful, burning through the surrounding fog. Black and white. Even though it’s just a photograph, it almost hurts your eyes to look at it.

We need more light in the darkness. The moon often represents the feminine and politics are heating up around women … about objectifying women.

If you google objectify, this is what comes up …


Things that objectify women are pornography, prostitution, abortion, contraception, sleezy clothing, suggestive dancing, catcalling, the use of certain words such as tits to describe breasts or cunt to describe the vagina, inappropriately brushing up against certain body parts, and more.

To objectify a person is to make them into an object to use rather than considering their full personhood … and it’s most often in the context of sexuality. Women objectify themselves by their dress and actions and by inviting casual sex, and men objectify women. With men it’s a bit different though … they can be protectors of women or they can be predators. Why? Because most men are biologically stronger than women and can forcefully take a situation past objectification. People who go past objectifying commit actions like rape, sexual abuse, implied or actual violence, and other types of cruelty towards others … those people are the predators. Unfortunately in current society, many are objectifying women but thankfully most do not cross the line and become predatory.

Since the subject of treating women with respect has come to light in this election, it’s a good time for women to strengthen their personhood. Do not objectify yourself and do not allow others to objectify you. Expect men to protect the feminine. Demand that those who are predatory be punished. Become strong in your self-worth, act with dignity, learn assertiveness, and understand the value you bring to society. This country needs a strong feminine presence to bring light in the darkness.

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