Then and Now


I almost titled this post “You’ve come a long way baby!” or “The slow path to healing.” And a number of other title ideas came to mind trying to summarize what I’ve experienced … because it’s hardly recognizable as a road to change until you look back at where I’ve come from.

Most of you know the path to wholeness that I’ve chosen is a holistic one. That means offering the body a chance to heal itself … supporting natural healing through ongoing bodywork (bringing the body into balance), using natures medicines (herbs and essential oils), detoxing (healthy eating along with using zeolite and pectin), and by practicing various stress management and self-awareness activities (time-management, breath work, tapping, assertiveness, hobbies etc.).

It’s been such a slow road to health but I just thought back to how my health use to be … ever since childhood I’ve had asthma issues and allergies (dogs, hay fever, mold, dust) … those lead to often being ill with sinus issues … I mean constantly. I also had been in several car and bike and horse and falling out of trees type of accidents as a kid that led to whiplash and severe limitation of neck movement. Emotionally I was the type of person to keep to myself … not speak up, stay in the shadows.

I’ve been working on health and healing holistically for about 15 years … yes, a long time. And it hasn’t been an overnight miraculous type of change (even if I wished it were). But when you measure the past by a type of simple 1 (not a problem) -10 (very problematic) scale type evaluation that takes into account Frequency, Duration, and Intensity of past ailments … then I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with where I’ve come from then and where I am now.

Allergies Breathing, Sinus Issues: Then – Frequency 9, Duration 7, Intensity 7; Now – Frequency 1, Duration 1, Intensity 2-3.  Yes, I still can get sick (everyone does) but it’s not very frequent and it doesn’t last long and the intensity is greatly reduced).

Stiff Neck Movement: Then – Frequency 10, Duration 10, Intensity 6-7; Now – Frequency 3-4, Duration 4-5, Intensity 2-3.  I still have a ways to go but my neck movement is greatly improved with normal range-of-motion but still lingering pain.

Hiding from Others: Then – Frequency 10, Duration 10, Intensity 7; Now – Frequency 3-4, Duration 1-2, Intensity 3-4. Just by evidence of this blog and writing books and the business courses I’m teaching … even though it’s uncomfortable and I still angst about being judged, I’m putting myself out there.

Living holistically has made a mind-body change for me in many areas.  It does take a sustained effort but the changes are real and lasting and worth it. Have you ever evaluated yourself from then to now? You may be as surprised as I was! If things haven’t changed for you over time or if they’ve gotten worse, are you willing to try something new in your lifestyle to facilitate positive change?  Will you remain committed even if you know it may take months or even years to accomplish a noticeable but lasting difference? Can you trust in your own body’s ability to heal itself?  I have and I’m happy to report on these subtle shifts in overall health from then to now.


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