Trees in Autumn


Were you expecting a colorful scene of oranges and yellows and reds? That’s what I think of too. But this is a black walnut tree and they don’t offer much of a color display. They are one of the first trees to lose their leaves … even when they are still green with life, they give up and fall off and finish turning yellow on the ground. The limbs are quickly bare with just a slight breeze.

Oak trees rarely turn pretty colors either. Oh, sometimes they get a dark burgundy but most of the time they just turn brown and hang on and on throughout the winter. It’s not unusual to see deep snow on an oak tree that’s still full of it’s dead brown leaves. Those dry leaves have a tight hold on the branch.

And then there are the maples, sassafras, and hickory trees … the reds, yellows, and oranges … all beautiful with their bright colors. They are the ones that make the autumn show around mid-Michigan.

Fall is transition time and some trees transition differently than other trees. I think that’s a lot like people. Change is inevitable … menopause, health, work employment, finances, and relationships. And people all handle transitions differently … some are colorful and set a beautiful example through the change. Others dig in and resist the change, clinging to sameness. And others are vulnerable and succumb to change early … even before it seems like they should be giving up.

Does your personal transition time feel less than beautiful … are you letting go too soon or holding on too long?  You wouldn’t be the first one. Embrace your unique way of handling change and flow with the cycle of life like the trees in autumn.

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