2013 was a tough year and I had forgotten just how far I’ve come. Then Facebook memories brought it all back … 3 years ago I felt depressed but yet I see resilience in my smile … I felt defeated, yet many new accomplishments were born out of that time. In 2013 I lost a beloved therapy horse from sudden colic, my business computer crashed, and I was in the hospital with my own crippling pain… the Universe seemed to conspire against me and I could no longer fight it … I chose to end my hippotherapy private practice (which had basically been my identity for 20 years). At the same time I had to face my father’s aging and worsening memory issues … my mom needed more support and I needed to step up to the plate.

Over the past 3 years I have honored my old hippotherapy business by writing a series of books (Brown Pony Series) where I share the wisdom and experience gleaned from many years in the barn. I adopted a new horse that is like an old soul mate. Instead of working every day, I now go down to my parents and help out a couple of days a week. And I’m recovering ever so slowly from the abuse I put my body through that resulted in a chronic pain diagnosis … I’m using this new journey as a way of helping others overcome their own unintentional self-inflicted body pain and abuse while at the same time continuing to manage life’s commitments.


It’s good to remember, to cherish the past and to review the road traveled. It helps when I feel discouraged that I’m not further along … or in those times when I feel stuck and wonder what direction I should be going now. Even if I want it, I don’t ‘need’ insight into the big picture, I just have to see where the next step is. In hindsight, I’ve discovered that road blocks in 2013 have also helped me find a new correct direction … the Universe is actually conspiring to help me. Remembering has helped put it all in perspective.


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