Light and Purpose


Galadriel to Frodo in Lord of the Rings: I give you the light of Earendil our most beloved star. May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out.

What is your guiding light? The light for the path you are traveling on earth? The light for your purpose here?

When I was young, school was difficult … not hard, the work was easy for me, but it was exhausting to sit cooped up in one place for hours on end in a room filled with other students. If I had my choice, I sat in a back corner of the class where I had a view out of the windows. I clearly recall one notebook cover from elementary school … it had a photograph of horses in a misty pasture. It was my daydream escape in the drudgery. It was my light of Earendil.


I knew nothing about life purpose then or about vision boards and such. I just knew my heart longed for horses, freedom, and the peace of nature. Years later I became a therapist focused on mental health and wellness. I worked in a hospital with teens and helped guide them through tough emotions and self-discovery. But soon the draw of horses altered the course of my work and I was involved in therapeutic riding for people with physical disabilities.


Over time I found the two types of work … mental health and physical rehabilitation naturally went hand-in-hand. The mind-body connection became clearer as the years went by, and I was always in awe of the spiritual joy that horses brought my students. We are created to live in mind, body, and spirit. The life purpose of my work never seemed clear to me as it was developing … much like the horses in the fog on my old notebook cover. But I walked one step at a time, led forward by the decisions of my heart.


I guess my heart has been the light for the path of my life. A heart that longs for the outdoors, for nature, for peace, for horses. Now that I know about setting intentions and writing down outrageous dreams, I realize that I have unconsciously done that. My heart never yearned for a rich life or for New York City or for a fast-paced night life. And those aren’t in my life. My life is simple, lived in nature, shared with horses. It’s everything my heart could want. It’s a life filled with light and purpose.


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