1. having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.

2. restlessly eager.

I’m impatient for wholeness, wellness, energized health. I believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself given proper support (i.e. detox, healthy food, exercise, time management, bodywork, etc.). But the tide of strain seems to be bearing down faster than I can build a supporting wall to hold back the flood.


Breathe and enjoy the beautiful nature around. That’s what I remind myself. And I do for a moment feel better.


Then something happens and a feeling of being unbalanced overwhelms. My blood pressure is still unstable and I have to go on yet another medication. I hate prescriptions … it feels like a betrayal of the body to be whole on it’s own. And again I remind myself of all the blessings and good in life. Over and over the cycle.


Loyalty, love, living in the moment, relaxing, playing. Our pets have so much to teach us. I’m trying to learn. I was pulling weeds in the garden a week or so ago and ended up with poison ivy. It’s my bane, my curse. I’m highly allergic to it and have been since a child. I can feel it in my throat, it’s on my arms, between my fingers, on my chest and neck and has spread to my face and eyelids.  The itch is terrible. In times past, this means one thing – a doctor visit and a prescription steroid burst of prednisone. But I try Tea Tree oil, Chamomile, and Helichrysum first. It works. The swelling abates. I’m floored, I’m surprised, I’m awed and I’m reminded that something is changing with my immune system from all of the support I’ve been offering my body. Something is different. My body is healing itself.


My step is lighter and I feel hopeful. Hopeful from a bout of poison ivy, healed naturally. I notice a faery circle of mushrooms and explore. Yes, I’m impatient for the finished result – good health. But life still has magical moments. I’m on the right path. I can enjoy the journey.

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