Life in the Garden



Blooms in the garden: The onion above and the potato below.


But simultaneously the life cycle of other flowers are occurring in the garden – birth and death. Making seeds for rebirth.

The garden is inspiring, not just for it’s beauty but also for it’s reminder that life is short, death is inevitable, to live in the beauty you’ve been given and fulfill your purpose.

Red Rose

The Rose.


Marygold yellow

The Marigold.


poppy in sun

The Poppy.


Peony in Sun

The Peony.



The Iris.


There is death but no violence has been done. Only the normal course of nature. Sometimes we need to remember this lesson … to find some sort of meaning beyond the inevitability of death. Beauty is attractive, death and dying is not. The natural course ends in death but there is hope, if you have love and faith the supernatural promises beauty and life forever. Life in the garden, a lesson learned.


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