On April 18th I wrote a blog titled “Truth” where I talked about levels of truth in relation to the chakra system. A quick review: Truth Level 1 corresponds to the Root Chakra and is the truth defined by the society you live in, Truth Level 2 corresponds to the 3rd Chakra in the Solar Plexus and is the truth defined by you, Truth Level 3 corresponds to the 7th or Crown Chakra and is the truth as defined by God with His natural laws and supernatural laws.

I am now discerning that fear has different levels too. I’m still working this out, but I believe I’ll be able to place these levels into the Chakra system as well, but for now I’ll simply define the different types of fear.

All fears seem to be based on survival, to keep us safe somehow.

One type of fear is the response to an actual threat in the environment – you’re being chased by a bear and it could kill you, you see a shadow move menacingly towards you from an alley while walking to your parked car, you find out your job has ended, your spouse just walked out and left you. These are all real actual threats that you need to deal with in the here and now.

Another type of fear is from the response to childhood traumas that are under the surface and yet impact our daily choices and behavior. This type of fear causes you to sabotage a close relationship because your father left your mother when you were a kid and inside you feel close relationships don’t last and can’t be trusted. Or maybe you were criticized as a child and you don’t apply for a certain job because you feel you’re not good enough. This type of fear causes missed opportunities that meant for your good.

And there is the fear that comes after you’ve done something against the flow – for good (hiding a Jewish person from the Nazis) or for bad (worrying about getting caught after shoplifting). This is the fear of punishment from others – whether those others are justified or unjustified in using their power to punish you. So it’s actually a fear of those who have power over you.

And there is a most unusual fear that comes from love. It’s the fear of hurting someone you care about deeply. It’s wanting to do the right thing for love and not wanting to disappoint the beloved. This is the type of fear that is talked about in the Bible – to Fear the Lord – you’re not fearing punishment but rather fearing not living up to the love that another so lavishing has entrusted to you and that you want to reciprocate.

Those are 4 types of fears that I have noticed – are there any others that you can think of? If so, write a comment below!


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