Joy is being out of the strangle hold of the chronic stress response.


Joy is feeling pain free and beyond any time constraints.


Joy is effervescent but yet peaceful at the same time.


Joy is a very connected feeling and yet a feeling of having no boundaries at all.


Joy is a very very very expanded sensation and feeling at one with the world around.


Joy is feeling like you really know and accept every inch of yourself.


Joy is a very powerful feeling, like there is nothing wrong in this sphere of the world.


Joy feels like a higher vibration than love, awe, appreciation, caring, happy, content, calm, centered, peace, purpose, or self-acceptance. It’s like all of those wrapped into one with more lightness and effervescence on top.

How do I know about joy?

Because I haven’t felt joy in a long time. I felt it in my childhood after my mom made me a new pair of cotton pajamas with little purple flowers on them and I ran out onto the grass in the morning summer sun and danced around my grandfather. But in these midlife years stress and chronic pain have kept it hidden in a straightjacket.

You know something when you haven’t had it and then you do have it.

I feel joy now. It’s wonderful, I’m spinning cartwheels and staying grounded. I’m floating and yet totally connected. I feel like a child totally safe and totally loved dancing in my new pajamas.

How did joy get released from the prison it was held in?

I drove my hippotherapy equipment from Michigan to Indiana and gave it away to an Occupational Therapist who recently graduated from college putting more closure on that part of my life.

And I had an amazing pain relief treatment a couple of days ago that incorporated the use of natural quartz crystals. It was subtle, it was gentle, and it was the use of nature – rocks actually.

Quartz rocks have been used in electronics for years. Our body is electrical (think heart beat, brain waves, the zing of hitting your funny bone). Why not try natural quartz crystals with the electrical energy system of the human body? I was open to it and I’m sure glad – actually joyful!

I’m a 0 out of 10 on the pain scale and have been a few days. For someone who has had chronic pain daily for the past 10 years or more, that’s amazing.

What changed to reduce the pain? It feels like my body is able to relax, like it’s been released from a twisted straightjacket. And with the new freedom of movement and relaxation the pain is gone!

I have identified myself as a person who proudly carries on despite the pain. But maybe it’s time for a new identity? Maybe I’ll have to redefine myself apart from chronic pain. I would never have believed that chronic pain could be something in my past. It’s too soon to say this was a miracle cure, but I’m hoping and I’ll keep you informed!




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