Change is Hard

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Incorporating Games In Hippotherapy is complete and now on Amazon.

Some of you know from my earlier posts that in February of 2013 the business I created, loved and ran for over 20 years came crashing down … I lost use of the hippotherapy barns I worked out of (and my friends and colleagues from those barns), one of my own personal therapy horses died suddenly from colic, and my business computer crashed losing many documents.

The physical strain from the work of hippotherapy had been adding up over the years but the emotional stress pushed me over the edge into a downward spiral of chronic pain ending with a visit to the emergency room.

The universe was calling me to a change that I was resisting but could no longer not look at. My life was hippotherapy – my business, the research I was doing, the people I was mentoring – I was at the top of my game. To lose my business and what I thought was my life calling was a huge grief process. Change is hard and this kind of crash and burn change was really hard.

But part of grieving is also pulling something good from the ashes. I decided to bring closure to that part of my life by writing a book to pass along all the information I had gleaned through the years. One book turned into four and then into eight and the Brown Pony Series was born. The first book titled “Introduction to Hippotherapy” was published in November 2013. This week, May 2016, the last book “Incorporating Games In Hippotherapy” has been completed.

I’m very proud of these books and believe they will help many people. The grieving process feels complete and I just feel the joy and celebration of a job well done. And the energy to move on.

Change is hard but slowly I’ve been moving through it. It’s three years later and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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