My mind can run a million miles an hour. Time (and the world) goes by in a blur. I’m going through life on “auto pilot.”

Mindfulness is a relaxation practice that’s like coming up for air after being under water. Only instead of water, it’s getting relief from stress. Mindfulness is taking a moment and noticing the world around. Noticing the details, being thankful, slowing down, and smelling the flowers.


Spring can be such a short season, with winter coming and going in fits, and then summer melting away spring’s delicate flowers.

Blossom Peach

Did you ever notice that the peach blossoms come before the tree’s leaves? And the apple tree leaves come before it blossoms?

Blossom CrabApple

Have you ever appreciated all the types of tulips there are?

Spring is the season where we start our warm weather activities …


And when the animals have their babies …


Mindfulness is taking the time to slow down and appreciate this time of renewal.


Mindfulness is taking the time to appreciate being alive. To notice the beauty in the world around us.

Hyacinth - Grape

When is the last time you’ve allowed yourself a moment of mindfulness?


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