Signs of the Times

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and while many people will be enjoying green beer, my mind ponders the spiritual …

How did God help His people in the Old Testament? War and Peace. If God’s chosen people were following His commandments, they prospered. If they weren’t, an invader came in and enslaved them. The pattern repeats throughout the various bible stories but is it relatable today? I think it might be.

You see, christians and christian views on family and life are being judged as extreme by those who embrace the culture of today. At least in America. This culture views abortion and homosexuality as mainstream.

What if God is sending us a realignment through Islam? On one hand we have abortion, the killing of a child (mainstream culture law) and on the other hand we have aggressive punishments that include beheadings (sharia law). Between those we have christianity that promotes respect for life. Christianity now looks pretty reasonable and moderate in light of those other two extremes.

Another example, on one hand we homosexual unions (mainstream culture law) and on the other hand we have all women owned by men (sharia law). Between those we have christianity that promotes respect for a traditional loving family life with different roles for men and women but equal dignity. Christianity now looks pretty reasonable and moderate in light of the extremes of mainstream culture and sharia law.

Or maybe it makes more sense to have abortion and all women owned by men on a continuum. Where killing your own baby is the extreme of expressing a woman’s freedom to the opposite where no woman has any freedom and every woman is owned by a man. On the one side women sacrifice their own child and on the other side women are sacrificed to men. The moderate christian view is for women to choose to practice their own level of self-sacrafice. And not just women, every single christian person is called to some sort of self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

And if we compare homosexual acts on the continuum with beheadings, then we have the extremes of “do whatever you want, what feels good to you” vs. a strict law of right and wrong that results in a judgement of physical torture by another man. The moderate christian view is to choose to follow Jesus teachings because we love him and trust that his laws are for our best interests as well as for the best interests of others.

When christians point out the extreme views and concerns about both what mainstream culture is pushing on us and what Islamic law is teaching, we are slammed as being bigoted, unloving and prejudiced. But is that really a just accusation? Why is respect for life and the traditional family, with equality of the spouses, so despised when it is so ideal?

It may go back to Solomon’s 666, the trinity of the allure of pleasure, power, and possessions. All of those are good in moderation but are evil in their extremes. That’s why God gave us his revelations about the proper use of those 3. License to practice whatever form of sex you want on one extreme, to all women owned and used as sex slaves could fall in the extreme edges of the pleasure category. Abortion and beheadings may follow in the extreme use of power category.

But what I was really pondering was if God is showing us his love and trying to guide us back to him by allowing the growth of Islam and the punishing aggression of the terrorist acts in our country? American culture is misidentifying freedom and choosing freedom to sin. Is it a sign of our times? Is the rise of Islam intended to take away our freedoms and show us how far off center we’ve become when we consider abortion and homosexual unions as mainstream? Will sharia law reveal what a moderate viewpoint really is and show us the extreme to which modern culture has moved off midline?  Those are some heavy thoughts, maybe it’s time to enjoy a mug of green beer?


P.S. After a few sips of that green beer, it occurred to me that I want to be fair to Muslims who do not support Sharia (Islamic) law taking over in our country – Muslims may well be a great ally to Christians because we both value traditional family and support life of the unborn. And I also want to be fair to those who are homosexual but are struggling to avoid homosexual acts and to those who have had abortions but are remorseful. I pray for your healing and peace. The extremists I write about above are those who aggressively enforce sharia and for those who actively advocate for abortion and homosexual marriage.

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