Real or eReal?

Are you Real or eReal?

I’ve always preferred to have a real book in my hand while reading. A friend once offered to give me her extra Kindle. I tried it and returned it a week later.

It’s just not the same. You can’t feel the texture, the thickness, or the weight of the book with an eBook. The same for magazines, the glossy feel, the turning the pages and “seeing” with multiple senses where you’re at in the magazine and how much is left.

There is a sensory connection to attention. We Occupational Therapists have known that for decades and use sensory integration therapy (immersing people in sensations in a particular manner) to help with brain processing, attention, concentration, motor planning and much more.

Now there’s some research that’s come out about reading – your paper brain vs. your kindle brain.

Neuroscience shows you use different parts of the brain for the different types of reading. The more you read on screens, the more your mind darts around and scans, also called “non-linear” and scattered reading.

The more you read a real paper book, the more you use the deep concentrating part of the brain. “Deep reading” is acquired and is required to deeply understand complex or dense text. It’s a thinking and processing skill you want and a skill you don’t want to lose.

Don’t let anyone bully you into using eReading just because it will save a tree, because it may end up dumbing down your brain.

So do you have a preference? Real Book or eBook? Or perhaps both? Heck, why does it have to be either / or ?! Any type of reading is better than not reading at all.


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