kitty barn

A  few weeks ago we welcomed a new barn kitty. She is curious and super friendly but also cautious. Great qualities to adapt to the world of an active horse barn visited by many cat lovers. I am partial to siamese coloring, I had a siamese for the first 18 years of my life, from cradle to high school graduation. As fortuitous fate would have it, over the years we’ve had a variety of barn strays carrying the siamese genetics – a creamy body, blue eyes and dark ears, feet, and tail. Sherbet was a unique fit with her beautiful flame point coloring.


My other barn cats, my two boys, were born at the barn and are about 12 years old. The one above, Bandit, is a snowshoe siamese, the other is a gray tabby siamese color. They team up and usually chase away any strays that try to sneak in. The first few days that Sherbet was here, she followed Bandit around like a shadow. But after a while he seemed irritated with the newbie and began to chase her to the back of the barn. So I set up her kitty bed and food dish in the back. But it wasn’t long before Bandit decided to claim that as his space too and Sherbet began living in the sawdust shed. It broke my heart, she was slowly being pushed further and further away from the barn and her sweet nature was laced with fear now. I had to chance it, she was a sweetheart, so I took her into the house.

kitty close

She was a star, a natural house cat … clean, polite and using the litter box. I haven’t had a house cat for about 15 years, past allergies made it impossible. But about 3 years ago I started on a lemon, lavender, peppermint blend of essential oils and my allergies have disappeared. So much so, that about 6 months ago we brought our dog inside and I have been fine.

But there must be an amount of allergens the body just can’t overcome, because after three days of Sherbet being inside my throat began to swell shut and I started that asthma type of coughing. The same old allergy symptoms I use to have. I was just devastated. I thought I was on top of this, overcame it, conquered it. But my body was doing things I didn’t want it to do. I just hate that. Sherbet was a great house kitty and I already loved her, she was my shadow and followed me everywhere, her eyes full of trust, purring and curling up in my lap.

What do you do when there is a catch 22? Sherbet wasn’t going to be accepted as an outside barn kitty by my other cats and my allergies were not able to handle having an inside cat. She would be compromised if I left her in the barn, I would be compromised if she stayed in the house. Sometimes love means finding the best option for each other. And that’s what I did, I found Sherbet a new inside home. It broke my heart to see Sherbet go but within a day in her new home, she was getting along great. I wish I were as adaptive and resilient as her!

Was this a compromise? It was foregoing my own wants, listening to and respecting my body, and being willing to let go and experience a loss in order to do the best for another. I’m bummed it didn’t work out like I had planned, imagined and wanted. But for some reason, I believe it did work out for the best, the way it was suppose to work out. I believe that God has a grand plan for us and I trust that everything can work out for good in the end, even painful events. Sherbet sure seems happy curled up on her new couch with my dad. And my mom and dad sure seem happy to have her there. And for that, I’m uncompromiseably happy.


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