Thinking Time

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About a week ago we were experiencing an early Spring. Temps were in the upper 40’s and the Narcissus bulbs were up about an inch. Then we got a big snowstorm. Over 12 inches in one day.

I live on a rural road and while we still had power, I knew we wouldn’t get plowed out for a couple of days. That allowed for some down time, some thinking time.

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I noticed all the raw beauty around me. There’s something about a blanket of snow that just quiets the world and cleans it up.

But in other places of the world there are school shootings and extremist beheadings. The type of thing that is a crime against humanity. The type of thing that frightens us to the core when it comes close to us.

There’s a part of us that knows the inherent value of people and that killing another person is wrong. How can some people “turn off” that inner knowing and choose to not care, not to love. Choose to kill anyway, choose to do what they want because it benefits them in some way at the expense of another’s life?

Where does this originate from and how can we regain respect and love for others?

When I had time to think, I believe the origination is ancient – way back to good and evil, God and Lucifer … back to the choice of the first angels to serve God (and his revealed plan to save mankind) or not. Some angels became devils after they said “I will not serve” and they have hated us ever since. They didn’t think we deserved God’s love and mercy.

Anytime we humans complete hate crimes against each other, Lucifer wins, he rejoices, he feels his “choice” against God was justified.

Yes, there’s a lot of time to think while you’re snowed in. There’s a lot of time to wonder about things.

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I wondered what one way could we regain love and respect for each other. And it occurred to me that abortion was a key piece here.

There is nothing that should be safer, more loving or a more sacred time than our brief stay in our mother’s womb. How can we love these little ones more.

Yet abortion stops that, it kills a human being at the start of his or her potential in that sacred space.

How is the mentality, the philosophy behind abortion any different than the school shootings or the extremist beheadings?  In all those cases someone has to not care about human life, or deem that some human life isn’t worthy of life, or have the attitude that I will do it anyway because I can or because I want to.

How can any one of those justify killing another?  It can’t because every life matters. And abortion is particularly horrid because the person doing the killing is in such a position of power over the one being killed. And the person doing the killing is going to the heart of where human life begins, and killing in the womb.

The root of it all is ancient, it goes way back to good and evil. When God gives us the free will to choose and we choose evil, then there is less love in the world.

Let us love others more, unlike Lucifer and the fallen angels, let us choose to say yes to serving our fellow man and yes to life. It would be like bringing a little Heaven to earth and who wouldn’t want to live with a little more peace, quiet and purity in this world.

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