I’m Not Immune


It’s been quite a week. Let me ask you a question – Do you know what one of the most difficult things a very introverted person can do?  If you answered something along the lines of having to go to a party, you’d be right. Anything having to do with a crowd is stressful and energy sapping. If you’re extroverted, it’s just the opposite and this sounds foreign to you I’m sure. But an introvert would be quite happy being snowed in for an entire winter with just a book (or whatever else interested them).

Stress always equates to a drain on our immune system reserves. My husband has been fighting a cold for a month. I’ve been very proud of the fact that I’ve remained well for the past couple of years – no colds or flu for me. Well, it’s been quite a week. This week was our biennial work related Ball. A party. A big party. A big party that’s “black tie.”

I took precautions to reduce the party stress. I found my dress a month previous, had purchased my jewelry six months earlier, and found the perfect shoes. I scheduled a massage in the morning and then had my hair and makeup professionally done later in the day. It was a pampering spa day to help build in relaxation.

I guess it just didn’t matter. The stress took it’s toll. 3 days later my sinuses were beginning to ache. 4 days later, they started to drain. 5 days later I had no voice and I wasn’t getting much sleep. I had to take a couple of days off work and reschedule people. Dang it. There goes my perfect 2 year record of no colds. I guess it just shows I’m human too. The weather has been swinging 30 to 40 degrees every few days, and that doesn’t help either.

So I pulled out my big guns. I made a pot of chicken noodle soup, slathered on Doterra Breathe Stick (it’s like Vick’s Vapor Rub), started Zeolite AV 3x a day, downed OnGuard Beadlets every few hours, and filled the bedroom diffuser with a mixture of Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Roman Chamomile essential oils.  Then I rested and rested and rested. I did feel guilty sleeping the day away but I made myself rest anyway.

Thankfully, the cold has been cracked and in only 4 days and not one bottle of Nyquil. I’m back to work, still taking it easy just in case. My husband? He never stopped to really rest and care for himself – he’s pushing through but he’s paying for it – his symptoms are going to last longer than 4 weeks. He’s not as interested in the chicken noodle soup, essential oils and supplements, he’s a tough guy.

What about you? Are you tough? Do you push through a cold? Or do you pamper yourself and help your body recover more quickly?


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