Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Yep, that’s been my winter. Getting the business taxes organized (arithmetic), taking Sunday’s off and enjoying playful novels (reading), and yes, writing too.

I just finished my 10th book called “12 Steps to Integrity With Your Horse.” It’s my own take on an adult coloring book with a learning purpose and yes, it’s available on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.32.36 PM

Here is the full description:

In-teg-ri-ty (noun) 1. the quality of being trustworthy, sincere, decent, honorable, fair. 2. the state of being whole, together, in unity.

Horses are herd animals and experience stress when separated from others, it’s their survival instinct, dangers lurk away from the protection of the herd. How do you get your horse to trust in your safe leadership in your herd of two?

Are you a new horse owner, or seeking to increase your confidence around horses, or perhaps interested in the equine assisted activities and therapy industry? This book will help you discover how to display leadership when your horse steps into your space, problem solve why a horse pins his ears, and give you ways to display confidence when you’re not feeling that way.

Judging your horse as behaving badly leads to acts of punishment. Whereas thinking of your horse struggling to handle a difficult situation encourages you to go into problem solving mode.

12 Steps To Integrity With Your Horse is a different type of adult coloring book with a learning purpose focused on deepening your relationship with horses. It is a coaching book, a teaching book, and a personal journal.

The book is short and to the point (less than 50 cents a page), each of the 12 steps has a page of description and a coloring page. The pictures are simple as are the principles outlined in the book. But just like the depth you can get out of these basic principles, you can add as much detail to your pictures as you choose. The size of the book is designed to be handy enough to easily fit into your purse or coat pocket and yet large enough to read and color.

The result is a whole brain learning activity designed especially for adults (and teens too) … to assist in becoming a trustworthy and fair partner in unity with your horse.

Click here to go to my AUTHOR PAGE.

Winter is usually a time I want to hibernate, so it feels like I’ve been pretty productive but I’ve got to go now … I’m busy working on the next book – Hippotherapy Games!


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