Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? It’s a standard personality test used by psychologists. There are 16 different personality types that result from 4 base areas.

The first area is about what energizes you and what depletes your energy and that scale is the introvert or extrovert scale. Introverts are depleted around people and energized by their own thoughts and creativity, whereas extroverts are energized by people and social status. You are either an I for Introvert or an E for Extrovert.

The second area shows your preferences on how you take in information and that scale is the sensing or intuition scale. Those who are sensing take in environmental information from the outer world around them and those who are intuitive take in information from a more energetic manner from their unconscious interior world of knowledge learned, experience and reflections. You are either an S for Sensing or an N for Intuitive.

The third area describes how you make decisions and that scale is the thinking or feeling scale. People who are thinking use logic and analysis and look for consistency and those who are feeling look more internally to their emotions and how something makes them feel, expressing empathy for others. You are either a T for Thinking or a F for Feeling.

The fourth area describes how much structure you like in the world and that scale is the judging or perceiving scale. Those who are judging like structure and solid decisions and those who are perceiving prefer options and open ended decisions. You are either a J for Judgement or a P for Perceptive.

Do you know what your type is? I found a fun, free and informative site to discover personality –

I’m an INTJ but close to being an INFJ since my T and F scored only a few points apart. But one thing I’m not is extroverted – my introversion scale score was 96 out of 100. No wonder I experience the external world so draining and it’s no wonder I find peace in nature and by working with people one to one and teaching online courses.

After reading the descriptions of my personality type, I have to agree, I do crave truth and depth and as an introvert, I absolutely do not want a spotlight but I do want to set the world aright – which tears at me because it often leads to undesired conflict and visibility. I like control and the freedom to move about and act independently. The two fictional characters I admire who are INTJ are Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Katniss in Hunger Games.

After understanding my personality I’m able to forgive myself for two things I have guilt about from my childhood. I spent a ton of time talking on the phone with friends and the rest of the time was spent on vegging out in front of the TV. Wasted time that I regret as an adult. But now I know why … talking on the phone is a way for an introvert to stay connected with people but not actually be in their presence (there was no internet or texting when I was a kid) and watching TV was my stress relief – a type of hypnosis in the dark cool basement covered up with big blankets – it was my way to decompress and reenergize after a day of being around others in school.

As an adult, understanding my personality helps me to structure my life in a way that is not based on “should’s” which others define but based on my innate design. It helps me to manage my stress better.

Aren’t you curious as to what your personality is and what it can mean to you?

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