Family History


My mom’s dad (my maternal grandfather) was born in 1899. In 1918 there was an outbreak of H1N1, a flu pandemic. It was estimated 1/3 of the world population was infected and up to 20% died.

My grandpa was 19yo when he came down with the serious and near deadly flu symptoms. His grandmother was half-indian and she treated him with many natural old remedies. He pulled through while others in the area did not.

Back in the 1800’s there was a lot of prejudice against native americans. Having Indian blood was often hidden, I guess much like having African blood.

I have always felt comfortable in nature, with natural medicine and around animals. It seemed like a connection to my native american roots.

I’ve been tracing my family history and working with, so a few months ago I finally decided to submit for their DNA testing.

I had a hard time believing the results, yes, I have a large european mixture of English, German, French and Spanish and smaller percentages of Irish, Italian, Polish and even European Jewish but no native american.

The DNA videos on the website warn of circumstances like this and say that people may not have accurate family histories but that your DNA does not lie.

But I had to know what was going on, was I my mom’s child? Those type of questions come up. My mom and dad were game to be tested. Yes, they are my parents and no, there still was no hint of indian blood.

This is a mystery. Because of the old time prejudice towards native americans, no one would say they were indian if they weren’t in the 1800’s.  No one in my family ever had any economic or other benefit from believing they were indian.

Was one of my ancestor’s orphaned and brought up by the Cherokee and thought they were indian? Was someone adopted in our past and didn’t know it?

It’s all very curious. It even feels a little destabilizing but fascinating too. I wonder what other surprises will turn up as I continue studying our family history?

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