Taking Stock

It’s the new year; a perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

What’s your new years resolution? Mine is to simplify, to declutter, and make room for new space.

I’ve had that resolution for years now. My husband would say for decades, but I haven’t acted on it. Actually, I’m sort of a hoarder. I feel more comfortable being prepared for possible problems by surrounding myself with “stuff.”

But stuff doesn’t last. I found a brand new saddle pad damaged by a mouse. Wasted money. Wasted planning ahead. But what really gets my goat, is that a perfectly good saddle pad was damaged by just sitting around unused.

I hate waste. And that was a waste of something that could have had value to someone. Why did I keep it. What good did it do. I grieved (or rather I blamed and shamed myself) when I threw it away.

Enough is enough. I am enough. I don’t need excess stuff. I trust in the future. I trust that I can handle it when I don’t have something I need. I am able to deal with that pain. I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

This year will be different. I have energy and frustration and forgiveness behind my intention to simplify and declutter. And I have a plan.

I have a calendar. On each month I’ve listed a different room of my house or barn. January is the month of the back bedroom. The “guest room” that has no room for a guest.

Week one I will tackle the shoes. I have lots and lots of shoes. It’s a type of comfort. You might gain or lose weight and need different clothes, but your shoes still fit. Shoes are like reliable friends. Month one, week one, I tackle the shoes.

Week two will be the clutter on the bed and dressers.

Week three will be the closet.

Week four will be the dressers and shelves.

The plan is doable. It’s day 4 in week one and I still haven’t done the shoes yet. Wish me well. I’m rooting for you and your resolutions too. But I haven’t done the shoes yet.

Let’s remind each other that we are enough. We are valuable just because we are human beings. We are good enough. We can trust in our adaptability. We can trust, love, and let go.

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