Reserving Judgment

I’m a nature lover and walk down our rural road each morning with my husband and our dogs.

If I see a small critter on the road (earthworm, frog, etc.) I’ll move it off to the side so it doesn’t get run over.

I don’t go overboard but my heart is in the right place and I try.

If I notice someone else pass by and not pay attention to the “little ones,” I tend to judge them as “not caring.”

Today was one of those days. On our morning walk, my husband and I noticed a large earthworm and the amazing circles it had made in the mud on the road. I quickly picked “him” up and placed the earthworm off the road. Then I asked my husband why he didn’t care enough to do that.

His answer surprised me. He said that the earthworm was on the road to get away from all the rain saturated ground and that I had just put the little guy back in the place he was trying to get away from.

Whoa. I had judged my husband because he had not picked the earthworm off the road and he had judged me because I had.

We both cared about the little worm but we both had different ideas about what that caring looked like.

I’m glad my husband considers the ways of nature and cares about the little things too. And I’m glad I learned an enlightening lesson about reserving judgment on others.

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