One of the hardest things for me is to ground myself in the here and now. I have to work at being “present.” I easily go into my head to think and plan and dream. But the most peace I experience comes from observing and appreciating nature around me.

Nature photography is one way I use to “capture the moment.” One of the hardest things for a photographer is similar to women and makeup. Women believe they are more beautiful with makeup, and many times they are. But there is a beauty and freedom in being natural too. These pictures are “real” … like a woman without makeup … they are untouched, uncropped, and fresh out of the camera. And this is what I observed this week …

The leaves on the ground.








The winding road as a metaphor of life.


The play of light in trees and on weeds.



The sun in the east and the moon in the west sharing the same sky.



The beautiful oranges of Bittersweet and a Painted Lady butterfly.


Observing nature is a type of meditation. A time to unplug from the computer, take a break from my thoughts and simply breathe in the simple miracles around me. A feeling of awesomeness and gratitude seem to suffuse the air and that’s worth sharing.

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