The Kitten

orange kitten

She was only 3 weeks old when I first met her. I was in the middle of a therapeutic horse driving lesson with a client and heard a mewing ahead of us coming from the area of a shallow ditch. It’s a sound that’s similar to the Catbirds I hear around the house, so I assumed it was a bird but out from the weeds waddled a little orange kitten.

She came to the sound of my voice and my therapy assistant lifted her up and she started purring. She was alone in the middle of a rural road, obviously dumped off. Her eyes were open but she had no teeth yet and although plump, she desperately was trying to find something to suckle.

I had plans to visit the mall after the driving lesson, I needed a dress for a very special weekend event I was attending and this would be my only opportunity to go shopping. Plans would have to change, the kitten went into my car, safe in a large box, and I was contemplating what to do about the dress. I got an image of K-Mart’s … I usually don’t shop there, I had planned to spend a good amount of money on just the right dress at a speciality store.

K-Mart was on the way home from the lesson and the parking lot was shaded, so I listened to intuition. I walked inside and there was only one dress in my size, only one. But it was perfect! A leopard print sheath with large pockets in front that looked and felt great. And it was under $50! In less than 10 minutes I was back in the car heading home with the kitten.

Back home, kitty was contentedly settled in with a bottle of replacement milk and I had a new dress in the closet – a cat print dress no less. I like happy endings for all, don’t you?!  My event last weekend went well and my mom and dad have been busily mothering the kitten until she’s big enough to join my beloved barn cat crew. Or not. You never know, they may find they can’t part with her and keep her! The story is just beginning but it already has a happy ending!

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