The Donkey Fable

You may have read this already in different forms but it’s a good one …

Once upon a time a farmer was digging a well. His curious donkey got out of his pasture and came over to check it out. The donkey fell in the well and began to cry and bray. The farmer came and tried to get him out but just didn’t have the strength. He couldn’t stand to see the poor creature suffer so he decided to cover the well and dig elsewhere. He began to shovel dirt back into the hole. The dirt landed on the donkey’s back covering him. Without a sound the donkey shook the dirt off and stepped up. The farmer shoveled in more dirt, covering the poor animal but the donkey shook it off and stepped up. It took awhile, but the farmer kept shoveling and the donkey kept shaking the dirt off and finally stepped up and out of the hole.


When you’re in a tight spot and others give up on you …

Cover your ass

Shake the dirt off

Wait it out

Step up when you can and walk away as soon as you get the chance

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