Labor Day Prayer


Labor Day Prayer

Remembering all those living in countries where people are simply viewed as an object of labor rather than their dignity as a person.

For all those working for unjust wages for the work they perform.

For all those oppressed in communist or socialist countries, where there is no chance to rise above through the work of your hands.

For all those wrongly imprisoned who are forced into labor or who are denied the creative outlet that labor provides.

For those who lack initiative or fear they have nothing to offer and are denying themselves the contribution back to society that labor provides.

For those who seek employment, may they find work that provides them with self-sustainability and feels fulfilling.

For those who “hide” in their labor, working too many hours and neglect personal and family duties.


Labor provides a way to care for ourselves and others. It’s a way we contribute to society and receive back for our effort. Work is a creative outlet, a social outlet, a way of organizing our day.

May your work provide you with a deep sense of satisfaction and feeling that you’ve faithfully completed your personal calling. May your work be honest and just and leave the world a better place afterwards.


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