Finding The Middle

shadow horse

Neat picture eh?

A simple photo of me and my horse’s shadow on the driveway turned into a very cool piece of art through Pixlr.

It’s summer and I feel lazy … a lovely lazy … like a vacation at home. Playing outside, losing myself in a novel, exploring art.

It’s a sweet indulgement that I VERY rarely allow myself. I’m usually keeping my “nose to the grindstone” … there’s always work to do around the farm, in the garden, on the business … not drudgery work, thankfully, but not the expression of “play” either.

I spent the entire day with my nose in a book yesterday … it was 7:30 pm as I read “The End” and I thought it couldn’t be much after 12 noon … I was totally lost in the characters and story. What book you wonder? Midnight Bride by Susan Carroll.

Many years ago (30 to be exact) I gave up watching TV because I had spent too many hours of my young life in a hypnotic stress relief curled up in the cool basement with my couch and blankets watching program after program for hours.

I wanted to start living a “real” life. A decade later I decided to give up fiction as well … there’s so much to learn about the things I love – horses, gardening, natural health, therapy, God.

But both ways of living were not balanced … they were extremes and now I’m finding a middle – working, playing, resting.  And boy am I liking finding the middle.  There’s actually another layer of application type learning in art and fiction that I missed when I lived in my practical reality stage.

What stage are you at? How do you find balance between work and play, fantasy and reality, passive and active?  Oh, and if you have a favorite photo app or fantasy romance/science fiction type of book or movie … let me know! I’m looking for more summer diversions 🙂


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