Flying Ant


man chooses man

man’s law

where genesis, is your knowledge

old blueprint unfolding, fractal repeating


6 and 2 more 6’s

the sign

wolf in sheep’s clothing

mascarading as love

oh world, how can you not see complementarity
man as self-giving, woman as receptivity
equal in dignity
an image in biology and life living
God as masculine, mankind as feminine
no more?
you say ‘I make the rules’
far reaching is the decision
blinding some, distortion of nature
sensuality, love, all gifts from divine
genesis the blueprint
intended as wisdom, a path to home
oh sad day, homeless many become
who believe the illusion
that marriage is not between a man and a woman

what is love

God is love

love is loving another person to paradise

to the final destination, eternal heaven

or not?


it IS a choice after all

666 man choose’s to make his own law, true law forsaken

oh world why do you forsake holy

for God is our spouse and heaven our home


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